Blackrock multi strategy hedge advantage liquidating trust

investments the prices of which are based on one or more underlying assets).

The Investment Manager (IM) will provide exposure to several investment styles applied across the above asset groups including, (i) Value: focuses on investments that appear relatively cheap with the aim of outperformance relative to expensive assets; (ii) Momentum: focuses on investments with relatively strong medium term performance with the aim of benefitting from an asset’s recent relative performance continuing in the short term; (iii) Carry: focuses on higher-yielding investments with the aim of benefitting from the higher returns of these assets relative to lower-yielding assets; and (iv) Defensive: focuses on investments with low-risk characteristics with the aim of benefitting from the tendency for lower risk, higher quality assets to generate higher risk-adjusted returns than higher risk, lower quality assets.

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Many clients want diversified exposure to funds that add alpha and provide a different set of returns to equities and bonds, and this liquid multi-strategy fund will give them access to a range of alternative investment strategies in a cost-efficient and dynamic way.” The fund uses five underlying alpha-seeking strategies across equities, fixed income and global macro categories, and will be managed by Black Rock's multi-asset strategies team.

The underlying strategies will focus on relative value trading approaches and enable the fund to target positive returns in a range of market conditions with a lower risk profile than many traditional ‘long-only’ funds.

Institutions investing in the fund will benefit from daily dealing meaning they can invest and redeem capital on a daily basis, and clients will also be able to expect high levels of transparency into positions held by the fund.

“This is a true multi-strategy product, where the performance fees are charged on the aggregate performance of the multiple alpha sources - which makes this product very competitive.

mathematical or statistical) models in order to achieve a systematic (i.e. The Fund will utilise investment styles (including, but not limited to, value, momentum, carry and defensive) applied across asset groups (including, but not limited to, equity, fixed income, currencies, cross asset and commodities).