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BD: The very first time I had sex with a guy, he was obviously enjoying himself and there was of course the evidence that comes with that, but I just didn't orgasm. It didn't hurt, it wasn't painful, but it wasn't really wonderful or the sort of thing I can experience with my vibrator, so that was kind of my wake-up call.

Another misconception people have about asexuality is that we might have had sex with people who were just really bad at it. The one thing we hear again and again whenever we have new people come in for the first time is “I thought it was just me. Although the some of us have very interestingly colored hair!

The other possibility is that they’ve never met someone who turns them on in a chemical way. W., is a licensed individual and couples therapist, a Certified Sex Therapist, speaker and writer in New York City.

You should try accept your daughter’s feelings and understand they may change with time. Cooper runs Sexuality Workshops to help parents talk to their children about sex.

Asexuality—defined as "a lack of sexual attraction to others or lack of interest in sex"—used to be a pretty obscure orientation, but it's recently become better understood, thanks to some accurate and warm pop culture portrayals.