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Dec 07, 2016 • 20 minutes • 3,500 words • Mushrooms is a visual novel being developed by one man.

It's a story about an ancient continent of Lemuria experiencing its last hours.

To start playing there are two possibilities: PRIVATE GAME: One player creates a game, chooses to be a cop or a robber, and shares the generated game-code with the second player.

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Jun 16, 2017 • 4,755 words • Set in a ‘near-future’ on a fictional world, Ex Astris follows the story of Lanis Rosenberg, a newly graduated doctor working in the Loennian military. Follow our brave crew how they face against an unforgiving universe... However, several disappearances that have been happening lately dampen the Christmas spirits of their town.

Doubtful of her abilities to cope in the army and lost with her direction in life, Lanis’ world is suddenly turned upside-down when she is transferred to the secretive, militaristic nation of Xian. Lumina doesn't care though, until Vince disappears and she's forced to solve the mystery and find her missing brother.

This is a very different style of game from most Ren' Ai games, most obvious from the use of 3D graphics rather that traditional hand drawn.

It is also primarily plotless with some 40-50 event scenarios possibly coming up during the date, resulting in thousands of possible dates which can range from 1 to 20 minutes long.

The sun seems to be smaller, so days and especially nights are freezing, forcing you to use your heater that sucks up a good amount of power.