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Conversely, hostility and aggressiveness are considered destructive traits, with aggressiveness a subset of hostility.

The trait of assertiveness includes a tendency to be interpersonally dominant and forceful, and to use this trait to achieve personal goals, while creating positive feelings in others.

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Assertive personality traits include defense of own beliefs, independence, forcefulness, strong personality assertiveness, dominance, willingness to take a stand, leader-like behavior, and competitiveness.

Assertiveness is often deemed a personality trait, sometimes innate, but one which can be learned and improved.

Hostile people tend to exhibit some common themes: They see themselves as victims of persecution from others (people want to be mean to me); they view their world as a mean one (people like doing things just to bother me; and view themselves as more aggressive than others (you don't want to mess with me).

Some research concludes that hostility is a facet of neuroticism.

Aggressiveness emerges, in particular, when a person is attempting to influence another.