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Mixeo makes it easier to meet and match with people at all of our events and it’s totally exclusive to Original Dating.Because Mixeo is on your phone it means event powered by Mixeo can take place anywhere. See our range of Mixeo pub and bar crawls, wine tastings, quizzes, cocktail master classes, bowling events, cookery classes and Mixeo in the park events coming very soon.Mixeo is a world first, totally exclusive to Original Dating in London.

Mixeo is the mobile app by Original Dating designed to supercharge your experience at our dating events like never before.

Mixeo means more matches, more fun and lots more besides.

Use Mixeo to view our events programme and book your tickets.

Instead of printing confirmation emails, simply check in to the event on arrival using the Mixeo app.

Normally there’s a theme, a specific age range or a location that brings people together.


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