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"They aspire to relationships in which all members have equal power.

They hope that by developing insight into each member's sexual and psychological needs and honestly communicating them, members can overcome jealousy and possessiveness."In larger cities there are places such as the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle where people who call themselves "conscientiously nonmonogamous" can find each other by attending "poly potlucks" and other events.

People in the poly community believe that nonexclusivity in sexual and family relations improves their psychological wellbeing, says Echo E.

Fields, an associate professor in SOU's sociology department."They argue that monogamy is inconsistent with humans' needs for free expression of personal identity," says Fields.

"If there is any small dysfunction in your relationship, it will be amplified."People who are polyamorous sometimes have to manage the stress of concealing their identity or deal with the consequences of talking about it, says behavior specialist Fields, especially in the U. where the majority of straight and same-sex relationships are monogamous."Disapproval may take the form of ostracism from family or losing jobs," she says.


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