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It provided that the sloop on the stocks was to be finished at the expense of the estate and all debts were to be paid out of the proceeds when it was sold. John bought 50 acres of land from William Wilkerson 20 July 1800. John Thomas — born 18 January 1843 — died 16 April 1845 4. Their three children are: Peggy (Margaret Northam) born in Richmond, Virginia. Son John was to take care of the three youngest sons, give them each 12 months education and bring them up in the fear of God, if possible. It was located on a road leading to Pitts Landing on Pocomoke Sound, near the Somerset County, Maryland line. 1832 — married Thomas Smith Hetty Wheatley Gladding was born 25 March 1808 and died 2 January 1837. married his second wife on 29 August 1838 at Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland. She attended Stetson University and worked for Bell South in Atlanta, Georgia, before retiring.

Mildred was a graduate nurse of the Medical College of Virginia. EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS by George Cabell Greer, p.

She married Aubrey Allen Davis on 2 July 1938 in Richmond, Virginia. 129 CAVALIERS AND PIONEERS by Nell Marion Nugent, Vol I, p.

(1) The year of Howell’s birth was determined from a deposition he made in January 1666 stating that he was 34 years of age, or thereabouts. A Deed in 1674 suggests that there were other children — probably girls since they were not named. This may be the same land mentioned in Accomack Deeds. James, born in 1205, was a counsellor of Richard I and founder of the Geman line in Essex, Suffolk and Derby. Osbert quarreled with his family and took the name of his estate, Gladesfer, as a surname. Gladesfer was the word used to designate a glade or swampy place in the forest.

(2) He is listed in Accomack County Tithables and Taxes from 1666-1684. Joseph appears in the Tithables and Tax Lists from 1691-1695 and then we have no further record of him. If he should die without lawful issue, the cattle and their increase are to go to my other children. At any rate it shows that Howell was an original land owner and could be considered wealthy. Goderfy, surnamed De Cavendish for his estate in Cavendish, was the father of Roger Cavendish who married the Duchess of Newcastle. Osbert’s only son, Edward, changed his name to Gladewin and his descendants changed it to Gladwin.

On 7 January 1674 Howell made a Deed of Gift to his son, John: (4) To my loving son, John Gladding, I give one black cow about five years old last spring and two black heifers two years old sats marked with three slits in the right ear and the left ear cropt and an underbitting and slit in the crop. On 16 July 1678 Howell Gladding bought 700 acres of land in the woods between Assawoman and Arcadia Creeks for 9000 pounds of tobacco and casks. The Gladding family stayed in the same vicinity of this first land grant for many generations. They had one son, Sir John Cavendish, Chief Justice of Richard II. As shown by numerous records, from it are derived Gladon, Gladdon, Gladding, Glading, Gladin, Gladdin, Gladden, and Gladen.