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Her smug playfulness drew an interesting contrast with her serious attitude on the field. Strangely enough with all the emphasis on teamwork you'd think there'd be more tactics in fights but I guess not.The vampires didn't appear enough to do anything other than say the usual antagonistic lines and how things seemed interesting.There is nothing that make it stand out and be recognized as "that anime".

The anime is licensed by Funimation for both video and streaming in North America.

The source material has also spawned several other adaptations including two different light novel series, a voice comic, two video games and a spin-off manga.

Maybe I still retain hope for the show to get better and haven't been completely let down (considering my expectations were pretty low in the first place) Overall 3/10: If you like something generic yet can kill time without causing you to die of boredom, this may be the show for you.

Owari no Seraph, Seraph of the End, is the quintessential example of a "generic" anime title.

The upper level Vampires never go all out for whatever reason and constantly miss chances to kill, in contrast to episode one where the kids are cut apart in seconds.