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Not even the most perfect figure from the point of view of the tape measure can look well if it is slumped in the mid-section and thrust out of joint at the hip. Think about your ribcage and try to consciously pull it up out of your waistline.

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Did you ever stop to think that maybe you expect too much of your family? First and foremost, once you have made a date, keep it.

With the same nonchalance that you accept a bed, breakfast and clean clothes, you take for granted kindness, understanding and love. The only excuse for breaking a date is the unforeseen occurrence of a crisis in your family, sickness, death or a change of plans.

It’s as plain to me as the nose on my face that if we don’t behave nicely, how is anyone to know that we are nice? If we don’t show love and respect for our family, how are they to guess?

Alas, too many of us think we can do as we please and that people will take us for what we are.

To correct this, bring your shoulders back, hold your neck straight and let your chin fall into place so that it is directly above your breastbone. You don’t have to look after your feet, they’ll take care of themselves. Small wonder that photographers, editors and everyone else in the fashion business did not want to work with her. In order to be a success in this world, you have to be pretty with a pleasant personality as well as look pretty.